We are leading Electric Vehicle Charging solution provider in India.

Experience premium home,public & commercial charging solutions with Volttic.

Our Electric Vehicle Charging stations include Bharat AC01 Charger, Bharat DC01 Charger,Type 2 and DC Fast Charging Station CCS/CHAdeMO & GB/T Standard based with integrated cloud base charger management CMS system & mobile application.

We are committed to develop a sustainable and reliable charging network for EV owners.

Integrated EV Charging Station Network

Volttic provide all type of EV charging solution for both home charging & public charging.Our Solutions includes Bharat AC & Bharat DC Charger, CCS/CHAdeMo with Cloud integrated CMS.

Charging Station Installation

Get a safe and reliable EV charging station installation for your all business need with our technical & field support team in just one call.Know your best suitable charger as per your plan and requirements

Public charge app for EV Driver

Navigate to your nearest Volttic EV charge point with our EV charging mobile application. Complete technical information about EV charge point and many more features in just one click

About us

We are leading Electric Vehicle Charging solution provider in India & we provide complete end to end electric mobility charging solutions.

Currently we are operating more than 200 EV charging points across India.

Our EV Charging solution best suited for home and commercial electric vehicle charging .

We are provider of all type of electric vehicle charging station including Bharat AC01, Bharat DC01, CCS2 & CHAdeMo EV Charger.

Volttic mission is to develop a sustainable EV charging network towards  zero-emission mobility mission. Volttic EV Charging  is trade mark product of Tvesas Electric Solution Pvt Ltd to promote electric mobility. Volttic provide all type of electric Vehicle Charging station in India. We want EV charging smarter,faster & Easier for progressive  electric mobility solution. With our efforts we want to accelerate the EV adoption with ease of EV charging infrastructure availability.Technology enabled advance EV charging solution is our core value.

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