Volttic provide all type of electric vehicle charging station solution in India for home ,around cities and highways application. Our solution include cloud base CMS & Mobile app for Electric Vehicle Charging stations.

Also we provide Electric Vehicle Charging solution as per Bharat Charging Standard Bharat AC Charger(Bharat AC01) & Bharat DC Charger(Bharat DC01) as per Indian Government approved standards.We have DC Fast Charger with CCS,CHAdeMo & GB/T Standard.

                                                                            Experience Efficient & Safe way to Charge your EVs with Volttic Charging Solutions.

EV Charging Stations

Volttic provide all type of AC & DC Electric Vehicle Charging Station for private & public charging use.

Our Charging station comply with Bharat Standard, CCS,CHAdeMo & GB/T Standards. Volttic Charging stations include following models-

Bharat AC01 (3 X3.3 KW)

Bharat DC01 (15 KW, 1 Gun ) & Bharat DC01 (30KW, 2 Gun)

Type 2,  from 3.5 KW to 22 KW

CCS/CHAdeMo -50 KW to 150 KW

GB/T- 60 KW & 120 KW

Volttic Mobile App

Volttic provide public EV charging app with all advance feature set for EV drivers.

Easy navigation to nearest charging stations,booking , payment and all transaction details just in a click with Volttic mobile application.

Complete details of charging station and availability for charging slots and many more advance feature for EV users.

Cloud base CMS

Volttic Cloud base Charger management system best suited for commercial & private charging stations.

IOT based CMS gives you complete freedom to manage your charging station along with set your tariff to charge your customers.

Live monitoring, customized tariff, mange the clients and charging stations along with many advance features to run EV charging business very smoothly.